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Buying/Selling Your House

If you are involved in buying or selling your house, often your solicitor recommends to undertake an identification survey to confirm all the structures existing on the property are within the legal boundaries. This can also be requested by the purchaser as reassurance before exchanging any contracts.


To undertake an identification survey, we come to the property and locate any or all existing structures that have been requested to be shown and define the property boundaries. From there, we prepare a simple A4 sketch showing the location of these features and distances from them to the nearest boundary. We also prepare a report stating all the features located, if there are any encroachments by or onto the property, and any relevant easements or restrictions that are listed on the Certificate of Title.


If there are any unapproved structures (structures that have been constructed without Council approval), an identification survey and accompanying report can assist you with getting approval for these structures with the lodgement of a Section 149D form.

Depending on our work load, we are generally able to complete the survey of your property and issue the report within one week of receiving the project. 


Yass Valley Council Section 149D Building Certificate

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