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If you are looking to subdivide or consolidate your property, you will most likely be required to prepare and lodge a development application to your local Council (with the exception of Exempt and Complying Development, see below). Depending on where you are located, each property is able to develop in different ways. You can browse through the appropriate Council mapping for the Yass Valley here and selecting the link to "Maps" at the top right to see what zone and restrictions apply to your land.


We have an outline process for both urban and rural developments, which include the planning component that would be relevant to each. You can have a read through these documents to give you an idea of what is involved in the process.


Urban Subdivision Process


Rural Subdivision Process



Exempt and Complying Development


In some instances, development may be considered as exempt from requiring a development consent prior to beginning. This is based on Clause 2.75 of the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, and the subdivision purposes for exemption are summarised below:

  • widening of a public road

  • minor re-alignment of boundaries

  • rectifying an encroachment

  • creating a public reserve

  • excising a lot that is used or intended to be used for public purposes.


We advise discussing the development with Council first to ensure they are satisfied it falls under Clause 2.75 of the SEPP before proceeding. By eliminating the need for a development consent, both time and money can be saved by the developer. 


Other helpful links for the planning process:


Yass Valley Council Development Application Form


Yass Valley Local Environmental Plan 2013


Yass Valley Fees and Charges 2016-2017


Yass Valley Council Building Line - Urban


Yass Valley Council Building Line - Rural


Yass Valley Council Road Standards Policy




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